Agema - Purifying Facial Wash
Agema - Purifying Facial Wash
Agema - Purifying Facial Wash

Agema - Purifying Facial Wash

$ 24.00

The PURIFYING SKIN FACIAL WASH cleanses, “locates”, “attracts” and removes substances foreign to the face (pollutants from the atmosphere, make-up, toxins, sweat). It regenerates, illuminates and restores the skin to its original “clean” state. It awakens, stimulates, tones, enhancing circulation and makes the features of the face “open up”.  


Frequency of use:

Daily, whenever you wish to freshen-up.

“Facial Wash” contains the primeval – energizing “Face Elixir” by  AGEMA.

“Facial Wash” can be used by men and women alike.


The AGEMA product method of preparing and activating products, uses ONLY natural energy resources from the Greece, the indigenous flora and fauna, plants in their wild form, rocks and minerals as well as other inorganic and organic material, all in specialized facilities within the Dodoni area of Greece.

The production method’s duration, lasts 3.5 months (105 days) and is augmented throughout by natural forces of Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and specialized musical vibrations, until the products are ready for use.

The ingredients are natural and contain no preservatives.

Production occurs once a year, during a specified period depending on blossoming and climate (spring).

The placement of the used portions of the plants, occurs during the first 30 minutes of its removal from the ground, to ensure they are still alive.

Frequency of vibration changes for each stage. From the 2nd stage and beyond, frequencies are differentiated for women’s and men’s products.

Solar power is present during the extraction of our herbs, the entirety of the procedure is natural with no use of technology whatsoever, even for packaging.

The outer layer of the packaging is dried and solidified specialized mud, so that the products’ energy is naturally protected.