Vasilissa Honey with Mastic of Chios 250gr

Vasilissa Honey with Mastic of Chios 250gr

$ 20.00

Pure wild forest honey with large crystal tears of Mastica of Chios.

   A product that takes its unique taste from the mastic trees of Chios island, Greece.  Mastica is a crystal resin with powerful, almost magical healing and beauty properties used to enrich the honey with a unique flavor and high-vibrational healing energy.  Chios Island, Greece is the only place in the world where these crystals resins can be sourced.         

  • 100% organic product without preservatives

Greek Honey is, quite simply, DIVINE. Few other foods offer such a combination of wonderful flavour and proven medicinal and beauty benefits. The hard-working Greek honey bee enjoys an elevated status in Greece, and rightly so; Greek honey mixes the sweet, delicate fragrance of mountain flowers, with a dose of concentrated Greek sunshine.  Hippocrates, the father of medicine as well as other important people of the past suggested honey as a medical treatment for various purposes.  

Vasilissa Honey is sourced from Stayia Farm, a small family biodynamic organic farm on Evia island, Greece.  Honey is like fine wine for them which means that every season there will be flavor, texture, and color differences as every year the various honeys have different characteristics and flavor notes depending on the rain patterns, amount of heat and sunlight, and other natural factors.  

Vasilissa Myth: Cronos, king of the Gods was intent on devouring his son Zeus. The nymph Melissa, Amalthea’s sister hid Zeus from his father and fed him honey and goats milk to prepare him for his nature role on mount of Olympus.  Cronus was furious when he found out and transformed her into an earthworm. Zeus, forever grateful to Melissa for saving him from his father broke the spell and transformed her into a Queen bee.